PiStar von EA7EE

Das Image von Manuel (EA7EE) ist jetzt hier als Mirrow [Pi-Star_RPi_V4.1.5_08-01-2022-EA7EE-C4FM.img.zip] (620M) gespeichert. Dies ist keine Offizielle ISO von Andy Taylor (MW0MWZ) sondern eine Modifizierte und für C4FM verbesserte Version. Nach dem erstellen der SD Karte ist ein UPGRADE und UPDATE erforderlich um den Tagesaktuellen Stand zu erhalten.

Stand Dezember 2021, ist die Dashbord Version 4.1.5-RMB nach dem Upgrade der ISO verfügbar. Das Tableau steht mit Version 4.1.5-RMB vielen Neuen Funktionen bereit.

FEATURES: (20200907)


-> Easy link with DMR and other modes (00001 local parrot, 00002 YSF, 00003 FCS, 00004 DMR, 00005 NXDN, 00006 P25)

-> Easy reflector change in all modes, just type the reflector number and that’s it

-> List of independent reflectors by mode (when pressing the ALL key on the transceiver)

-> Allows recording of AMBE files to use them as beacon

-> Allows generation of voice beacon with programmable periodicity. The beacon will be silenced if there is activity.

-> Allows you to return to the initial reflector in any mode after a programmable time. (option)

-> Allows you to stay in the initial reflector forever.(option)

-> In DMR add two seconds of silence if the transmission is less than two seconds to avoid bans on Brandmeister network.

-> Add extended configuration in dashboard pi-star.

-> Added number of active users in each TG for Brandmeister network.


 -> Regeneration of GPS signal in DMR and YSF from aprs.fi for devices that do not send GPS information (requires registering in aprs.fi and obtaining ApiKey)

-> GM button can be used for APRS is processed locally and send information to APRS-IS.

-> Extended information is issued in APRS-IS (equipment, mode and QRV reflector)

-> Updated new equipment codes FT3D and FTM300.

-> Improved GPS information to be real time in general.


-> Uploading photos and messages to the remote reflector that works as WiresX Node

-> Uploading photos and messages to the local pi-star and subsequent consultation.


-> Add Voice Message to WiresX Node Behaviour. (DONE)
-> When changing to DMR and Late Entry change can fail, only press PTT to receive. (DONE)
-> Sending messages to APRS-IS system and vice versa.
-> Sending SMS and Pictures via dashboard and receiving.
-> Editing WIRESX NEWS ALARM via dashboard.
-> Fix buffer DV C4FM with silence when data isn’t received for a while.

-> Add buffer jitter similar to DMR solution.

 if you have any ideas to add or change please say


New Update 20200820. Changelog:

1. Added option BeaconPath to put beacon file

2. Fix GM lacking to YSF Network

3. Now you can use any DMR TG, not only on list

4. Now you can remote change from DMR to YSF or FCS but not back to DMR

5. Now you can use Callsigns with – in config dashboard, ex: EA7EE-1 for use multiple DMOS

New Update 20200823. Changelog:

1. Fix news path option.

2. Insert silence when delay occurs in network, reducing noise.

3. Reject out of order entry (only in transcoding room).

4. Updated rig codes: ysf2dmr, Peanut

New Update 20200825. Changelog:

1. Fix buffer overflow when alien user detected.

2. Fix option NoChange that was not working properly.

3. Added detection code of FTM3200 and YSF2DMR transceivers.

4. Simplify the change from YSF to DMR and viceversa.

5. Improve callsign detection.

New Update 20200827. Changelog:

1. Code Profiling and Reorganization (takes time and generate bugs but improve future maintenance)

2. Fix information in LOCAL NEWS. Now Callsign and Location (Town)

3. New option StartupDGID that allow start YSF reflector with any wished DG-ID.

   It send a Dummy transmission on the DG-ID selected anytime you change reflector.

4. The option NoChange now dont allow to send DG-ID information, in this way user cannot change rooms.

5. The option Re-Link Time now allows revert to the original DG-ID room selected with option StartupDGID.

New Update 20200828. Changelog:

1. Added old fixes from original YSFGATEWAY and YSF2DMR code.

2. Voice Upload in News ready, Voice Download is broken, not ready yet.

3. Added type of Reflector in News Path Storage.

4. Added key of transceiver in receive stream.

5. Added timer for beacon. Beacon now will be active 30 seconds after radio silence.

6. Added Disconnect WiresX button functionality. It allows disable/enable program in any mode for use with another mode in pi-star.

7. Fixed return to the initial Reflector with DG-ID only when radio silence.

New Update 20200829. Changelog:

1. Added New remote News Functionality.

2. Fix GM with no GPS packets going to the network.

3. Fix dashboard BeaconTime or InactivityTimeout can be set to zero.

4. Fix Callsign blank in some reflectors.

5. Fix DMR TG Change when people transmitting.

6. Fix re-link functionality minor bug.

7. Added advanced server DG-ID query.

NOTE: voice message and picture download not working yet.

I’m working in it.

New Update 20200830. Changelog:

1. Fix Callsign not show in non C4FM reflectors.

New Update 20200902. Changelog:

1. Fix Room ID reading algorithm.

2. Fix FCS stuck in old server rooms.

3. Fix DG-ID zero of Beacon.

4. Fix Enable HotSpot Connect when Inactivity Timer is over.

New Update 20200903. Changelog:

1. Added YCS Options field in dashboard.

New Update 20200904. Changelog:

1. Fix change of reflector in FCS mode.

2. Fix FCS Mode Callsign not shown.

New Update 20200905. Changelog:

1. Resolving fcs-server addresses, so no changes if new server created.

2. Fix frame# missing in FCS.

3. YCS Options Fix.

New Update 20200906. Changelog:

1. Voice Message and Picture Uploading Fix.

New Update 20200907. Changelog:

1. Added persistence in news.

2. Added dashboard file browser for WiresX news.

3. Fix Digital Voice Mode 1 receive.

New Update 20200908. Changelog:

1. Added YSF Log File View in Dashboard.

2. Added FCS Options.

3. Added FCS Extended Info.

4. Fix Memory Leak in DX Reply.

New Update 20200909. Changelog:

1. Fix Remote News Voice Message Download.

New Update 20200910. Changelog:

1. NEWS: Added Picture sequence upload test for robust upload.

2. NEWS: Change format for GPS in json file.

3. NEWS: Minor fixes.

New Update 20200912. Changelog:

1. Drop support of DTMF control.

2. Fix DMR communications.

3. Fix crash in DX when Reflectors update.

4. Improve APRS support.

New Update 20200913. Changelog:

1. Added buffering to DATA and Full Rate Audio.

2. Fix DATA Bug that affects picture download.

Änderungsprotokoll: Pi-Star:4.1.4-RMB / Tableau: 20200917-ea7ee

  1. Jitter Buffer 300ms und die Option „Jitter“ in die Konfigurationsdatei eingefügt.
  2. Die Stille auf 10 begrenzt
  3. Die Anzeige des Gateways anstelle des Rufzeichens korrigiert.
  4. Geräte-ID „YSFG-EA“ hinzugefügt.

Änderungsprotokoll: Pi-Star:4.1.4-RMB / Tableau: 20200918-ea7ee

  1. data jitter buffer, DV1 und VW gelöscht
  2. Rufzeichen YCS DG-ID / CALLSIGN Anzeige korrigiert
  3. das Ende der Übertragung anordnen